About Onyx Asset Tracking

The dedicated Onyx Tracking team, together with the team and services of Gentech Engineering Plastics has developed a comprehensive set of electronic devices that will enable all sectors of industry throughout the World to effectively and economically monitor and control their in-transit assets.

The main aim of the Onyx team was to ensure that the monitoring devices would not require expensive monthly SIM cards to function but to rather use a free radio network communication system developed by Myconi.

These EEE 802.15.4 radio devices communicate with Gateways and Repeaters via the Internationally approved 2.4GHz radio band-width to ensure that all event data is successfully transmitted onto the server.

Particular attention has also been paid by the Onyx team to create an operating software and monitoring software that has the highest levels of encrypted data to prevent fraudulent access but yet remains user friendly.

Should a client require additional alert or software features, the Onyx team will be able to readily implement the changes if feasible.

Whilst we have identified several market sectors where our Onyx devices can be utilized, we do understand that there are still many other applications too numerous to include on this website and we therefore welcome any other applications. 

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