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The sheer volume of Intermodal Containers crossing the Borders into the USA has created cause for concern for the US Department of Homeland Security. The Department is required to ensure that all containers entering the country are thoroughly inspected but they do not have any sure means to guarantee that the container was not tampered with en-route.

To speed up the process of inspection, the Department has indicated that if containers could have an electronic monitoring device attached to it from the point of departure, and that the device could alert the authorities if any tampering or exceptions took place, then those containers without any signs of tampering would receive preferential processing. Containers without any electronic monitoring would have to undergo full inspections and create delays and bottle necks.

The Onyx CTN501 device has been developed to report on any alert exceptions during the entire route of the container. Besides the alerting feature, the device will also act as a "repeater" for tagged pallets and packages within the container. In other words, all tagged pallets and packages within the container can also be monitored by the shipper and customers for the duration of the transit.

The main feature of the Onyx CTN501 device is that it does not use expensive Cell Phone or Satellite communications, but rather the publicly free Myconi radio system. For these devices to function, they do require Gateway stations at the Sea Ports and also the Border Control Posts. Any other Gateway/Repeater stations en-route and belonging to any other customer will also receive and transmit the necessary data.

Once an Onyx CTN501 device gets within communication distance of the Gateway, all the data that was stored on the device is transmitted to the server where it is easily accessed by the Authorities or even the Shipper or customer. Included in the stored data would be all the necessary information that is required for a Bill of Lading so that the Customs Officers can easily refer to their own documentation for comparisons and checks.

Should a customer require that his container is actively monitored throughout the transit due to the high value of the cargo or perhaps of it being hazardous or temperature dependant, then a more sophisticated device would be attached to the container that also provides for GPRS cell phone communication to the server on a 24/7 basis. These devices would be the Onyx GPRS601 device. These devices would still communicate directly with any Gateway devices that are posted at entry Ports and Border Control Posts for the Authorities to manage.

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