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 Security measures have become of paramount importance in either receiving or dispatching Intermodal Containers at Sea Ports.

Not only is it important to manage the entry or exit of these containers through the Auto Gates, but it is also important to manage what containers have been off-loaded or loaded from ships.

The Onyx Gateway101 device is strategically placed in the container yard and this device communicates with other Onyx Repeaters in the yard and together, they all communicate with each and every tagged container.

Geo-gates and Geo-fences are defined and all tagged containers within the specified area are automatically without the need for any further data capturing. All in-coming containers passing the Geo-gate will automatically have the entire Bill of Lading information transmitted to the server and update the yard's records. Containers leaving the yard, or being loaded onto the ships will also be automatically logged and the server data updated. 

The tagged containers will be able to be stacked in Geo-lanes and they can be easily located when required.

Should containers be off-loaded without electronic tags, and they still need to be transported by road through Border Control Posts, the Customs Officers can easily attach an Onyx CTN501 tag once they are satisfied with the documents and contents. When this occurs, the container will be electronically monitored until it reaches the Border Control Post and the "Entry" can be processed more speedily.

The Onyx Gateway101, the Onyx Repeaters and the Onyx CTN501 devices do not require expensive GSM and Satellite radio contracts to operate, but instead use the free Myconi radio transmission and Wi-Fi to function.

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