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The US Department of Homeland Security has issued a statement that by 2011 all Hazardous freight has to be identified and located within 10 minutes of any future State of Emergency.

The Onyx HAZ301 device and Onyx software will enable both the Shipper and the customer to individually monitor their hazardous cargo during the transit process whilst the Authorities will also be able to access and monitor all hazardous cargo by specific regions such as Cities or States and whether on the road, rail or sea.

Furthermore, the Authorities will be able to locate hazardous cargo by categorizing the hazardous cargo, and once located and identified, a message can be relayed to the operator or transporter, or the cargo intercepted. 

The encrypted ID and data is not only stored on the Onyx HAZ301 device but also relayed to a central server from where it can be accessed and monitored by password protected users. The data is transmitted by either Myconi radio or GSM transmissions with an option of satellite radio as well. All devices have a back-up internal rechargeable battery as well as all the necessary system alerts such as tampering, loss of external power, temperature, pressure and realtime GPS position.

The Onyx HAZ301 devices are permanently attached to the Hazardous Railwagon, or container, or truck and are reset with new Bill of Lading information by the Shipper once a new cargo is dispatched. 


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