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For several years the Intermodal Container shippers have been evaluating various electronic devices with the hope of effectively satisfying all the security requirements for the customer as well as for Homeland Security. Of special importance has been the International or Cross-Border movement of Containers.

To date, no system has been comprehensive enough to be implemented as a standard.

The Onyx family of asset monitoring devices and software has now developed and is offering a unique package that not only works, but is also the best ROI in the market. The Onyx Tracking system can operate throughout the world and has many unique features.

In particular, one unique feature is the non-volatile data logging capacity that enables the details of an entire Bill of Lading (or Manifest) to be stored on the device that can be retrieved at any time by either the shipper, client or Homeland Security Officials.

The built-in exception alerts that are required for security purposes are immediately transmitted to the Server that will indicate the alert to the shipper, or the alert can even be sent to any elected person by SMS or email. Furthermore, when the Container is approaching a Border Control Inspection Station, the Officials will be notified of a pending alert. This new electronic inspection process will minimize the need for lengthy inspections and greatly relieve the long delays that occur at Border Control posts.

This myriad of Containers arriving at International sea ports for onward transportation has been a constant security concern and by utilizing the Onyx Tracking devices and Gateways, not only will the Operators be notified of any alert, but the specially developed software will allow for the easier processing of each Container.

All Container Yards monitored by the Onyx Tracking system will have predetermined Geo-fences, Geo-lanes, and Geo-gates. The Yard Manager will know on a 24/7 basis of exactly which containers are in his area and with the Geo-lane feature he will be able to immediately locate any container. Auto-Gates can also control the incoming and out-going Containers automatically. All Container movement and locations in the yard are recorded and transmitted to the server for easy access.

Containers on board ships will also be monitored on the server and for more details, please read our "Shipping" products.

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