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Supply Chain Management is a vital aspect of today's business to ensure that products are dispatched and received timeously.

By implementing an Onyx Asset Monitoring system, the management functions of the warehouse processes becomes more comprehensive.

Whether the products to be dispatched or received are of "high value", or temperature or time dependant, or are fragile, the Onyx devices can alert any staff in the Supply Chain whether or not any exceptions have taken place during the cycle of the product.

The Onyx Warehouse Monitoring system is simple to implement and operate and because the tags are owned by the end-user, and because the tags do not require expensive monthly GSM contracts, the Return on Investment is less than 6 months. The Package or Pallet tags are re-useable, over and over again and they record all data such as the Bill of Lading details, date and time alerts for temperature, abusive handling or even whether the package has been opened, dropped or inverted.

The Onyx Warehouse system utilizes 2 different tags, an inexpensive tag that is utilized for transporting batches of pallets from one warehouse facility to another, and a more expensive tag that incorporates full GPS and GSM features that enables the goods to be monitored anywhere in the world.

For a more comprehensive explanation on how the Onyx Monitoring System can assist yourselves, we would be happy to demonstrate a system to you.

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